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Botswana Butchery Queenstown

Located in Queenstown’s historic Archer’s Cottage with spectacular lake views and signature roaring log fires inside and out, Botswana Butchery delivers ‘fun’ dining in a luxurious environment.

Offering diverse menu full of flavour with locally sourced ingredients and fine cuts from the Butcher’s Block, the ambiance is warm and welcoming all year-round.

The Botswana Butchery ethos of delivering flavoursome lunch and dinner menus in a plush, yet relaxed, environment is central to Botswana Butchery’s success. The restaurant prides itself on exemplary levels of service and attention to detail at every stage of its wine and service delivery by knowledgeable staff.  

As well as the main restaurant and al fresco dining options, it has a number of individual private dining rooms on the first floor plus a bar and plush private lounge for up to 25 patrons.  

For a truly unique and premium dining experience think Botswana Butchery Queenstown for your next lunch, dinner or function – experience a little bit of luxury in the heart of Queenstown. 

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